How do I become a member of the IHSAA Student Advisory Committee?


Principals and/or Athletic Directors can access the IHSAA Student Advisory Committee nomination form on their IHSAA Portal. Any IHSAA member school can nominate one rising Junior to be a member of the 2020 IHSAA Student Advisory Committee. The application link will be open to Athletic Directors in January 2020. Twenty candidates will be interviewed for the nine available positions. Interviews are conducted at the IHSAA Office in Indianapolis.

Student Advisory Committee 2019-20


Grant McAtee, Castle
Emma-Kate Moore, Knightstown
Clay Campbell, Jimtown
Abby Bannon, Crawfordsville
Tom Newton, Harrison-West Lafayette (President)
Savannah Strieter, Evansville North
Edreece Redmond, Chatard
Lydia Laker, Franklin Central (Vice President)
Silas Allred, Shenandoah


 Brooke Comer, North Harrison
 Brookelyn Brown, North Vermillion
 Ethan Keehn, Lake Station Edison
 Brynn Urban, Fishers
 Leyton Czarnecki, LaVille
 Graham Siefker, LaPorte
 Gracie Madison, Barr-Reeve
 Claire Shide, Mishawaka
 Elizabeth Steinhart, Mt. Vernon (Posey)


How long is the term of service?

It is a two year commitment.

What is the Student Advisory Committee make-up?

The IHSAA Student Advisory Committee will be composed of 18 members. Membership from each of the 3 districts will be the following:

  • 9 seniors
  • 9 juniors
  • At least 1 student representing each of the four classes
  • At least 2 student representing each of three districts
  • At least 2 “minority” representatives
  • At least 1 “urban school” representative
  • At least 1 “private school” representative

What are the responsibilities of the position?

Attend four meetings per year
Attend Annual Fall Retreat
Attend an IHSAA State Championship during each season (fall, winter, and spring)
In addition, attend Football and Basketball State Championships
Plan and attend a Fall Area Student Meeting
Plan and attend the annual IHSAA Student Leadership Conference